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As a Mixed Media artist, fear of venturing down creative avenues, not taken by many, is an everyday journey for me. Finding and being inspired by people, music, and the positive flow of energy makes it way into a unique edginess for designing gift basket creations and handcrafted artisan jewelry. When I’m asked what inspires me, I feel that "I am a visionary artist inspired by community, diversity, tradition, culture, excitement and positive energy. Imagination gives me the license to break boundaries."

Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 Spring Polymer Clay Lollipops

There are so many versions of lollipops.  Growing up I remembered we called them blow pops, tootsie roll pops, dum dums and the all time favorite, SUCKERS! Yes, this is April Fool's day so I just wanted to play with you and show you my version of non-edible SUCKERS! 

I started thinking about the beautiful spring colors and decided to create my own Polymer Clay Pops. I created these pops by blending various colors of alcohol inks with pearl and translucent polymer clay.

I would like to introduce you to (from left to right) Luscious Grape, Sky Blue , Caribbean Orange, Indigo Blue and Poppin Pink.  Which one is your favorite color?  

Just to make your mouth water, here are a few of the my latest jewelry pieces.

Until next time,
Clayfully yours,


  1. Good evening Creative Artisan,

    Yes, Ma'am you have shared such an exciting Blog with your friends in "creativity." Your "stuff" looks absolutely great.

  2. Okay... so you ARE going to have to make me some jewelry... you know that, right?! Beautiful work, Linda!

  3. Just a beatiful work at all!!!I´m follower now.You are a great artisit for sure !!!!
    Hugs from Brazil
    Have a nice week.