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As a Mixed Media artist, fear of venturing down creative avenues, not taken by many, is an everyday journey for me. Finding and being inspired by people, music, and the positive flow of energy makes it way into a unique edginess for designing gift basket creations and handcrafted artisan jewelry. When I’m asked what inspires me, I feel that "I am a visionary artist inspired by community, diversity, tradition, culture, excitement and positive energy. Imagination gives me the license to break boundaries."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Polymer Clay - Cuff Bracelet Repaired

I always love a challenge.  A good friend of mine had a silver cuff bracelet that had lost quite a few stones.  She gave it to me to see if I could somehow replace the missing stone with polymer clay. 

I studied the large stone that was in place to pick up some of the colors for the smaller polymer clay stones.  I glued them in by using E-6000 glue.  So tell me what you think!

 Notice 5 stones that are missing.

The 5 stones replaced with polymer clay


  1. That is beautiful!!! Absolutely love it. you did a wonderful job

  2. Hi Amy, Thank you so much for your nice compliment. Have a great weekend!